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literally the sole problem in portraying the Space Marine chapters in general more humanitarian and concerned with people’s safety and dignity is not diminishing the grimdark (as I deeply feel grimdark is overrated and not terribly interesting except as something for honor and goodness to triumph over), but that it makes the Salamanders lose a lot of their main character and notability since they’re ALREADY super pro-people

on the other hand you could just ramp up their pyromania and stoicism

To be fair, I can think of more Space Marine Chapters who care about civilians/Imperial Guard/etc than ones who don’t. To list a few:

  • Ultramarines
  • Probably the majority of Ultramarines Successors
  • Imperial Fists
  • Crimson Fists
  • Blood Angels (as long as they’re not suffering from Red Thirst)
  • Lamenters
  • Space Wolves
  • Raven Guard
  • Salamanders

Only Chapters I’ve seen not give a damn (or are complete arseholes towards non-Astartes) are the Black Templars, Flesh Tearers, Grey Knights and Iron Hands.

Don’t forget the Marines Malevolent for the asshole side

I would argue you should take the Crimson Fists off that list considering what happens in Rynn’s World, though that may be limited to a handful of people.

The Silver Skulls and the Iron Snakes seem to reasonably behave themselves as well.


me: i’m gonna write

me: [reads another person’s writing]

me: i’m never writing again

me: i’m gonna write

me: [reads list of all the things you should never do while writing]

me: i’m never writing again

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Psyker to self :”This time without summoning a demon”

Assassin who overheard -“You summoned a demon!”

Psyker - “It was only a small one and its dead now!”


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Fifty Shades: Ch 1



I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror.

That is the opening line, and already I can tell that the writing in this is going to cause me physical pain.

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I love the critique series readingwithavengeance does on books, and especially enjoyed how well she articulated the 1001 problems with 50 Shades. Far better than I ever could have, for you all know approximately how I feel about that book series and the sort of frustrated fits it induces. If you have the time, you should really read the entire thing. I can’t even begin to count how often I went “That was exactly what I thought”.

I didn’t make it through than more than three or four chapters of that review, for two reasons:

1) The writer of the review was just as problematic as the book, just in different ways.

2) The book itself was triggering and upsetting and even reducing it to its most ridiculous, it upset the hell out of me.

I guess. I get why people like things that I don’t think are great, and I mean, it did start out as fanfic and the ‘90% of everything is crap’ rule for written works is in full swing, but usually speaking things don’t *upset* me that much.

My sincere apologies, Inquisitor, but breakfast will be late this morning as there is an Eldar in the kitchen.

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